Edwards Got Game

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- After dropping by the Community Free Health Clinic in Cedar Rapids for a tour of the free health facilities, John Edwards made his way over to the Jane Boyd Community House, a center providing after school recreation and learning for kids.

Edwards dropped by a classroom area where elementary school kids were doing homework and arts and crafts projects. He then made his way to the gymnasium where the former senator couldn't resist shooting some hoops.

Edwards, a high school football star, spotted up a couple feet inside the three point stripe and made it rain jumpers around the arch. It was an impressive display from the man who likes to tell the story of the day he beat NBA point guard Raymond Felton in a game of H-O-R-S-E.

A local girls team conducting practice at the time decided to join in and play a little D on Edwards. Edwards took up the challenge, and got off a couple shots with some arms in his face (so what if he needed to double-dribble to get an open look?).

Edwards sauntered off the court, tightened up his tie, and tucked his shirt, making way to the next event: a rally in Cedar Rapids.