Edwards and the Sarkisyans

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

On December 20th Nataline Sarkisyan passed away after her health insurance company, CIGNA, denied her coverage for a liver transplant that could have saved her life.

On January 6th, her family arrived in New Hampshire to tell their story and to throw their support for John Edwards.

Nataline's mother Hilda Sarkisyan said that the family's fight goes beyond that on behalf of her daughter.

"We yelled and screamed and finally they [CIGNA] told us they would make an exception," said Mrs. Sarkisyan. "What does that mean? Only Nataline can live and not you guys? It's not right. What about the other parents that cannot speak?"

"For every mom and dad out there, we have to make a change. We have to vote for the perfect president," she said. "No one can help us. This is it. We have to vote for Mr. Edwards. We have to."

Bedig Sarkisyan, Nataline's brother who donated his bone marrow in an attempt to save his sister's life said he promised to live his life for her.

"I promised her that everyone in the world is gonna know her story," he told the crowd of around 500 people. "Everyone's gonna know her story, her struggle, her fight. Everyone's gonna know it."

Nataline's father Grigor said that he promised buy his daughter a car when she'd get better.

"You guys know what I got for her after she passed away? I bought a coffin for her," he said fighting through his grief. "Because CIGNA… they killed my daughter."

Following the family's speeches Edwards gathered the family on stage and hugged them.

According to the campaign, the Sarkisyans reached out to Edwards after seeing him speak on TV. Mrs. Sarkisyan said she wanted to help him on the campaign trail, so the campaign flew the family out to New Hampshire last night to appear on the trail and tell their story.

In a press conference following today's event, Edwards denied that he was capitalizing on the family's tragedy for political benefit.

"The Sarkisyans contacted me because they believe I'm the president who will actually fight for their daughter," he said. "The best I know they didn't contact the other candidates."