Edwards and His Non-Oprah Celebrity Endorser

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

IOWA CITY, IOWA -- Two to three hundred Iowans packed inside the Iowa City Public Library as actor Tim Robbins asked them to consider Sen. John Edwards for the Democratic nomination.

"I'm not Oprah," Robbins said to a quaint laugh from the audience.

"Eight months ago with eight viable candidates running, we were being sold a fiction of this being a two-person race," said Robbins.

"(Edwards has) been connecting to many without the benefit or advantage of the spotlight," he continued, reading from a sheet of prepared remarks. "Perhaps people are realizing that what is being force-fed them may not be in their best interest."

While declaring his support for Edwards, however, Robbins said that any of the Democratic candidates would be an adequate replacement over the current administration.

"I like those other two (Obama and Clinton), and should they get the nomination we all know we're gonna band together to get the crooks and the liars to take a vacation" said Robbins, adding harshly, "Perhaps some of their vacations will be spent in a federal penetentiary."

After being introduced by Robbins, Edwards soon referenced a new CNN poll that show him as the only leading Democrat currently beating each one of the top Republican candidates in a head to head matchup.

"One Democrat beats every single Republican in the United States," said Edwards as cheers erupted. "And I wouldn't have brought it up unless you knew the answer."

Before the event started, SEIU workers wearing their trademark purple and yellow shirts engaged in chants of "PRESIDENT EDWARDS" and "We like Elizabeth, we like John; We wanna see them on the White House lawn!"