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Edward Burns Performs Con Job

In the new film "Confidence," Edward Burns plays a usually confident swindler forced to pull off the biggest con of his career.

Burns visited The Early Show to discuss the film that has twists, turns and cons within cons — leaving audiences guessing how the movie will end.

In "Confidence," Jake Vig (Edward Burns) swindles thousands of dollars from a man who turns out to be the accountant for crime boss Winston King (Dustin Hoffman). Caught in a deadly situation, Jake offers "The King" a proposition to make a large amount of money.

Jake's plan is to swindle a banker with deep ties to organized crime. To do the job, he recruits some associates from his past, such as the beautiful Lily (Rachel Weisz). But, like in most plans, things don't go smoothly.

Jake must contend with his old nemesis, FBI agent Gunther Butan (Andy Garcia), The King's henchman Travis (Morris Chestnut) and a double-crossing partner.

Burns says he expects audiences to appreciate the story of "Confidence." But, he hopes the movie will be able to con audiences with its storyline.

Some Facts About Edward Burns

  • Born Edward J. Burns Jr. in Valley Stream, N.Y., January 29, 1968
  • The leading man once worked as a production assistant and van driver for "Entertainment Tonight"
  • In 1994, Burns shot his first feature, "The Brothers McMullen" over the course of eight months
  • In 1995, after winning the Grand Prize at Sundance, Burns sold "The Brothers McMullen" to 20th Century Fox's Searchlight Pictures
  • In 1996, Burns directed, scripted and starred in "She's the One"
  • Burns co-starred with Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg's 1998 "Saving Private Ryan"; Burns also directed and wrote his third feature, the romantic comedy "No Looking Back"
  • In 2001, Burns played a cop alongside Robert De Niro in "Fifteen Minutes"; Wrote, directed and starred in the romantic comedy "Sidewalks of New York"
  • In 2002, Burns appeared in "Ash Wednesday," where he took on the roles of writer, director, producer and star; Wrote on the HBO drama series "The Wire"; was nominated for an NAACP Image Award
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