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Stuffed cow breaks boy's fall from second-story window

Stuffed animal saves kid
Stuffed animal saves kid 01:23

CHELSEA, Mass. -- Police say a 2-year-old boy is fine after a stuffed animal broke his fall from a second-story window in Massachusetts.

Eduardo Gomez fell from a second-story window in Massachusetts. His stuffed cow prevented him from sustaining serious injuries.  CBS Boston

CBS Boston reports Eduardo Gomez is back home recovering from the terrifying experience.

Gomez was jumping on a bed when he fell right out of a second floor window of a home in Chelsea — a 16-foot drop to the pavement.

Luckily, his fall was broken by a huge stuffed animal — a black and white cow. 

"Unfortunately, we have these types of calls," said Dep. Fire Chief John Quateri. "Something like this happens. They don't all result like this. He was very fortunate the stuffed animal broke his fall."

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes said the boy was conscious and alert when officers arrived. He "miraculously" sustained only minor injuries.

Gomez was held overnight at Massachusetts General Hospital for observation, but has since been released.

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