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Editorial: Staff Supports Barack Obama

This story was written by Editorial Board, The Parthenon

The United States is built on the idea of hope, optimism and the basis of individual freedom.

This has been something lost in America the past eight years, and because Sen. Barack Obama has shown more of a vision for changing this country, The Parthenon editorial staff supports Barack Obama for president.

We believe both candidates for president are honorable men with great character and have the ability to lead this country. Sen. John McCain, however, loses us by saddling beside the policies of President Bush. For the past eight years, Bush has gone against the principles of freedom in America, making fear a defining principle of the nation instead of optimism. If McCain wants to follow those same ideals, it makes us wary of the future of this country.

Even one of the more prominent Republicans, Colin Powell, threw his endorsement to Obama on Sunday during an interview on "Meet the Press," saying the Illinois senator was a "transformational" figure. As a former member of Bush's cabinet as secretary of state, it is a sign that Powell is attempting to reshape his image by going squarely against the Bush administration, and thus John McCain.

The nation needs a return to optimism in a time of economic strife and international conflict, and Obama is the person to provide that optimism with his message of change.

We support Obama's plans to raise corporate taxes as the rich get richer, make college more affordable and make health care universal for children.

It appears Obama is more of a "unifier" than Bush claimed to be eight years ago. Obama can restore and inspire the United States back to where it should be on an international landscape.