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Editorial: Palins SNL Appearance Was Funny, Not An Election Changer

This story was written by Editorial Board, Daily Mississippian

Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palins much anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) generated ratings the born-again comedy show hasnt seen since 1994. Those were the days of Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Mike Meyers, Phil Hartman and Sarah Silverman. With last weekends appearance, Sarah Palin cemented her position as a pop culture icon. But what about her election chances?

Palin has been on a roller coaster ride since her nomination to the Republican ticket on Aug. 29. Her popularity soared after a fiery acceptance speech, but restricted press access and a weak interview with Katie Couric saw her favorability ratings decline. A relentlessly mocking SNL comedy crew seized on every minor debate misstep, and her long-lost twin Tina Fey must have made life miserable at the Palin dinner table.

So what better way to make an impact right before the election than to appear on SNL? Its a risk you probably dont take if youre ahead in the polls, but with the youth vote threatening to slide Democratic, Palin could earn points simply by not messing up.

And mess up she didnt.

While it was somewhat painful to watch Alec Baldwin mock Palin to her face, she took it like a (wo)man. While the governor didnt have a lot of lines and rightfully declined to perform an Alaskan rap, she remained a semblance of dignity throughout her roast. Whether this was more of the sheltered care the McCain campaign has been accused of or an honest attempt to show her lighter side, Palins brief SNL performance cemented her star power.

Whether Sarah Palin becomes the next vice president or is sent back to Alaskan obscurity, there is no doubt she hasnt squandered her 15 minutes of fame.