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Editorial: Obamas Nomination Too Long In Coming

This story was written by Editorial Board, Oklahoma Daily

(UWIRE) --

As far as any mathematician or pundit can say, the Democratic Party has its nominee, and we think Barack Obamas nomination was too long coming.

This race has been excruciatingly long. It has caused many headlines for the sake of causing headlines. We seem to know more now about Obamas controversial preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright than some of our local political leaders.

Hillary Clinton ran a commendable race, and she has many admirable qualities and ideas for this nation.

However, like we said on Super Tuesday, Obama is the right choice for this nation.

They have few differences, but Obamas ability to inspire the masses and fresh approach to Washington will bring the change this country must experience.

No politician in recent memory, especially for students reading this, posseses the charisma and excitability Obama displays. And this is evident in his speech Tuesday night in St. Paul, Minn.

He is different than the politicians we typically see or hear. That is what will take him to the White House.

Looking ahead to the general election in November, John McCain and Obama will provide an entertaining race.

The next few months will give a clearer picture of what we can expect of the next four years: Either more George W. Bush and frustrating, stubborn politics, or Obama and a new, exciting, look at how this country operates.

Whoever is elected, four more years of Bush is something no one can afford. The direction of the country must change. There is no other option. Obama has the compass pointing in that direction. McCain is lost in the forest.

Now that Obama has clinched the nomination, we hope the 24-hour news networks will take a break from all this hype. Though CNNs fancy, magic, touch screen is reason enough to watch television, it is time to give it and us a rest.

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