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Editorial: Obama Will Give Voice To Millions Of Americans

This story was written by Editorial Board, Daily Trojan

As we prepare to head to the polls Tuesday, we are faced with an unprecedented burden: the responsibility of choosing a leader at what might be the most important crossroads in our nations recent history.

The outcome of Tuesdays vote will affect us, as youth voters, to a greater extent than any other voting bloc. We are this nations future and this year, we have the power to sculpt it.

For his sensible, levelheaded and progressive policies regarding foreign policy, education and the economy, and for his ability to restore national pride to millions, the Daily Trojan endorses Barack Obama for president of the United States.

In the midst of two wars with no end in sight and a failing economy, Barack Obamas forward-thinking policies are crucial to the countrys prosperity and vitality. He will bring our troops home from Iraq swiftly and responsibly, lower taxes for those who need it most and ensure all Americans have access to quality heath care. Perhaps most importantly, he will signal to the rest of the world that American foreign policy is rooted in diplomacy and a willingness to engage foreign leaders in addressing international issues a stark contrast to the bullheaded aggression and political incompetence we have seen under President George W. Bush.

But the crucial importance of this election is about more than just contrasting policies or opposing issue stances. At this critical point in our nations story, the unquantifiable weight of our nations morale hangs in the balance.

Obamas skillfully executed campaign has played a central role in bringing more Americans than ever before into the democratic process. His campaign has energized and engaged scores of new voters, giving a voice to those who thought their voice would never be heard.

Though opponents criticize Obama for being an empty suit masked by rhetoric and eloquence, there is something to be said for a candidate who can make millions of people believe in their country and the possibilities of a better future something the American people havent had the luxury of doing in eight years.

While we respect Sen. John McCains decades of national service and proven willingness to reach across the aisle, we cant support a campaign run on the same politics of fear and division that have polarized this nation for nearly a decade.

The countrys financial decline and the resultant international fallout has shown us that this election is about giving people in America hope, and its about giving people around the world hope and confidence that a better future is possible.

Vote for that future. Vote for Barack Obama.

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