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Editorial: Obama Progressive Choice For President

This story was written by Editorial Board, The Crimson White

The Crimson Whiteeditorial board has read the facts, the numbers, the polls. The CW editorial board has busied itself with the machinations of politics and this particular election for nearly 16 months.

Needless to say, it seems kind of shocking the election is tomorrow, but considering that, it seems appropriate now to endorse our preferred candidate, and given our reading of the facts, The CW editorial board endorses, by the sole means of a majority vote, Barack Obama to be the 44th president of the United States.

The senator from Illinois has proven to be a progressive candidate in every sense of the word, and we dont mean that in a simply superficial way. So much has been said about Sen. Obamas inspirational qualities, his calling for hope and change, that it almost does a disservice to the mans policies, which are those with which we most closely align.

Sen. Obamas tax plan is the most sound, in the opinion of this editorial board. His proposals to repeal the Bush tax cuts, to close tax loopholes for major corporations and to cut taxes for American taxpayers earning less than $250,000 are the most fiscally responsible, and in our opinion will propel this country to economic growth and stability that the Bush administration has not provided.

In these hard economic times, the Obama tax plan seems, if not a panacea, then certainly a balm to ease the stress on the pocketbooks of the American people.

And since Exxon-Mobil recently posted the highest profits ever for an American corporation in the third quarter of 2008, we think they can deal with higher taxes.

We agree Sen. Obama has the best plan to withdraw us from the War in Iraq and place our troops in areas where they are more needed, such as Afghanistan.

The CW editorial board does not soundly reject the notion of conflict in the Middle East, but most of us opposed the War in Iraq from the beginning, agree with the assertions that the surge has not worked, and feel that Sen. Obamas plan calling for strategic talks and diplomacy will be the best way to continue, while sending American troops into Afghanistan and, if needed, Pakistan to find and combat the true enemies of the American people.

While we are hesitant to set a strict timetable for withdrawal, certainly the United States should be working to leave the country and get the job done, and we find ourselves more trusting of Sen. Obama to accomplish that goal.

We must give Sen. John McCain, Sen. Obamas competitor, some credit; on matters of energy and veterans rights, he has taken admirable stances. He and Sen. Obama virtually agree on most aspects of their energy plans, though we stand with Sen. Obama in wishing a more cautionary approach over the drill, baby, drill mentality of many Republicans.

But we cannot endorse Sen. McCains economic policies, most of which take the I have a plan vote for me and Ill tell you what it is approach, and others of which, such as his plan to enact a strict spending freeze on government spending, are akin, as Sen. Obama said, with performing surgery with a hatchet. We cannot endorse his approach to diplomacy or lack of approach, as it were in the Middle East.

When it comes to dealing with hostile nations and forces that wish us harm, we would prefer the calmer intellect of Sen. Obama representing us. And we cannot endorse other views held not necessarily by Sen. McCain, but by the mainstream Republican Party, such as any restrictions on a womans right to choose.

This, naturally, does not reflect all of our opinions; there is a diversity of thought among the editorial board when it comes to many of these matters, which is one of the great benefits we have had this year.

But in the end, the editorial board and by extension, this newspaper is proud and honored to take part in this historic election, and we are proud and honored to lend whatever our name is worth in support of Sen. Barack Obama.
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