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Editorial: Obama Best Poised To Offer New Leadership

This story was written by Editorial Board, The Michigan Journal
It doesn't need to be said that this upcoming election will be one of the most pivotal in American history. And it doesn't need to be said that the country is battered from eight years of failed leadership. It's all too obvious. Whoever is following President Bush will have a lot of baggage to carry; two wars, a failing economy, a tainted global image and, as The New York Times put it, "a government systematically stripped of its ability to protect and help its citizens," citing FEMA's pitifully slow reaction to help after Hurricane Katrina and the fact that poverty and unemployment are increasingly a national problem.The fact is, as much of a slogan as it's become, we as a nation can't afford four more years of the same failed policies, and we at The Michigan Journal believe that John McCain has only established that he would provide more of the same. As if it wasn't obvious before, we'll officially say it: We think that Barack Obama has proven himself worthy of the 44th presidency, and hereby gets our endorsement.As inexperienced as he may be, with a cool mind and sound judgment he has convinced us he is worthy to take on the task. He'll have a lot of weight on his shoulders upon entering the White House, but we believe his policies, as progressive as they are to some, will gradually repair our country, socially as well as on a global scale. We believe that he has what it takes to end an increasingly unpopular war, get the economy back up to speed and bring us up to date as a society.We like Obama because he seems to be one with the people, and he doesn't need Joe the Plumber to tell us this. McCain has only proven, as the campaign progressed, that he is so far gone from the American public. We find his policies to be outdated, and often only beneficial to the wealthy elite. And his choice of running mate, who we see as a pathetic attempt to nab the female vote, is clearly incapable of running the nation should anything happen to McCain, which is almost a guarantee.We find that McCain will only bring the Republican every-man-for-himself ideal back to the White House. Obama seems like he'd be a real leader, and fill the role of running a government that is set up to protect its citizens. We would like to see a President Barack Obama take office in 2009.
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