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Editorial: Dream Ticket Or Bust

This story was written by Editorial Board, Daily Mississippian

Now that Barack Obama has all but won the Democratic party nomination, most people wonder who will be his running mate.

Despite all the disagreements that could take place, his former opponent Hillary Clinton may be the ideal choice. The two would indeed make a powerful tandem.

Due to the long struggle the two have had for the party's nomination, the party as a whole is not seeing completely eye to eye. The two converging would fix any kind of a split and put all the heads in the party back together.

Anyone hoping Hillary would get the nomination would be able because they could still have the chance to put her back in the White House. Basically, the two would increase both their chances - and ultimately the chances of their party - by joining forces.

There is also that other issue: minorities. The two could give voices to two of the biggest minorities in the country: women and blacks. An Obama-Clinton ticket would be unprecedented for that reason alone. The joining of those minorities could pay dividends for the Democratic Party. One can only imagine what those respective minorities would think if they really had the chance to secure an actual representative in the two top jobs in the nation.

Not everything with an Obama-Clinton ticket is perfect, however. Although the two could be highly beneficial to one another, major problems could also arise. The verbal blows the two have hurled at one another are well-documented. This could prove to be a land mine just waiting to be stepped on. Obama and Clinton wouldn't agree on every single issue, and that's when there would be a chance for the fireworks to explode.

For as long as Clinton and Obama are partners and are forced to work together, their egos always stand the chance of clashing. These egos may even get in the way of them joining forces.

One has to wonder what the state of their party will be if they don't, however.

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