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Editorial: America Can't Afford Another Term Under GOP Leadership

This story was written by Editorial Board,
By now you have read of many newspapers across the country both student and traditional presses endorsing the Illinois senators bid for the presidency. With only eight days left before the nation votes, the editorial board of The Daily Athenaeum has decided to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president of the United States.

Obama represents a kind of change that Washington is in dire need of. For too long, the nation has been crippled under the presidency of George W. Bush and the ways of the Republican Party.

The nation has found itself in a weaker global and economic position after eight years of Bush and his failed policies.We have seen eight years of fear-mongering to a population that has only asked its government to look out for it.We have seen the continuation of those fear-based policies in the continual attack ads on Obama and other democratic candidates for president.It is the opinion of the editorial board of the DA that a presidency of Sen. John McCain would continue to push more of those same policies. While we are not questioning the character of the senator from Arizona he is both brave and courageous and has served his country honorably we feel that Obama is the better choice to lead the nation back to prosperity.Together with Sen. Joe Biden, a 36-year veteran of Washington, the country can only stand to gain from the change, hope and optimism that their ticket can bring to the offices of president and vice president.We cannot afford eight more years of tax cuts that dont work for the Americans who need them most.We cannot afford health care policies that are taxed when most Americans are unable to afford basic health care.We cannot afford a president who believes that the fundamentals of this economy are strong despite whatever justification was later given for that statement.And we cannot afford another eight years of divisional, party politics and unchecked power from the executive branch.Gov. Sarah Palin herself has stated that the powers of the vice president extend to helping legislate, despite the positions only involvement with the Senate is casting a vote in the event of an equally divided Senate.The nations highest office and the worlds most powerful chair is too important to squander.But in its endorsement, the editorial board asks that whoever wins the presidency extend their administrations beyond party lines and see the nations interest before their own. It is in our opinion that Obama would be the best person to do this.It is for these reasons that the editorial board of The Daily Athenaeum has cast its vote behind and supports Sen. Barack Obama for president.