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Editorial: Admirable For Students To Rely On Military For College Tuition

This story was written by Staff Editorial, The Parthenon

Knowledge is priceless, well not necessarily. The cost to attend college continues to rise across the nation. Attending college to earn a degree is one thing- well, paying for it, another.

Students fortunate enough to have parents able to cover the cost of tuition are not burdened by the financial stress of higher education. Students who excel academically and/or athletically are awarded scholarships.

This leaves the group of students who must pay for college by their own means. This could include full or part-time jobs with the assistance of financial aid. Many students resort to student loans, thus delaying payment until after graduation.

Still, there are the few who opt to enlist in the military in order to pay for school, a sacrifice many can't imagine making. These students, some of which are leaders, serve their country and communities to obtain a degree, thus displaying the importance and true desire for education. These students deserve respect, admiration and a notion of appreciation.

Although the patriotism brought on by 9/11 has slowly dwindled over the years and the shock of the Iraq War wears off, those students who accept the call of duty in order to expand their education should not be overlooked by those outside of the military.

Professors and administrators push students to acknowledge the importance of education. Those who serve our country in order to pay for college, are an example and role model of a truly dedicated student with the desire for knowledge.