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Editorial: 8 Years Of Incompetent Management Too Long

This story was written by Editorial Board, Daily Californian
Eight years has been too long to endure incompetent management of our country. On the eve of a momentous election, any hope to change the course of our government rests largely on our generation's shoulders. And heading into the general election, the choice for the White House is clear: that one. Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois has proven countless times that he is best suited to be the 44th president of the United States.

On the top of the incoming president's to do list: implement a plan for economic recovery. Obama's proposals champion the middle class. Besides being aware that the tax system needs an overhaul, Obama also suggests raising the minimum wage and advocates for unions' rights. Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain suggests tax cuts for the wealthy, which can't stray any further from the right remedy.

When it comes to environmental issues, it's clear Obama has a better understanding of the steps necessary to fight climate change. While his ideas are not absolutely flawless, the alternative is the possibility of adopting the short-sighted "drill, baby, drill" mantra presented by McCain.

Obama has conducted an upright campaign, sticking to the issues and refraining from the use of unfair political ads. We can expect him to bring the same honest approach to the executive.

As for their vice presidential selection, Obama's choice illustrates prudence while McCain's choice was a cheap ploy that backfired. Well-versed in foreign policy and experienced with the inner workings of Washington D.C., Sen. Joe Biden would be able to effectively take over the executive if need be. The same cannot be said for McCain's pick for the ticket. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's insistence on being able to relate to hockey moms or "Joe Sixpacks" paints her as one who lacks fundamental political know-how. And anyone who's watched a clip from her guffaw eliciting interviews can attest to that characterization.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties have tried to redefine themselves. McCain and Palin have attempted to distance themselves from the Republicans by distinguishing themselves as "mavericks." But labels can only go so far, and it's impossible for McCain to use them to hide his antiquated thinking. Besides being able to reach across the aisle, Obama isn't afraid to take bold moves to move the country in a new direction.

But the transition into the Oval Office will hardly be a breeze. Rather than sweeping in on the momentum that allowed many presidents to achieve substantial accomplishments in the first hundred days, the next in line will be stuck cleaning up the mess left by the Bush administration.

Our country is in need of a decisive leader who is in touch with the challenges faced by Americans every day. Vote for Barack Obama for president of the United States of America.

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