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Editing Vacation Videos... With Dazzle

So you came back from that family vacation with three hours of tape on that camcorder. Look, there are the kids waving and saying hello to grandma. There are the kids splashing in the pool at the motel. Oops, what's that, a two minute clip of the motel room floor. Who left the record button on? If you have a PC, you can do everyone a favor and add some dazzle to your video production before you unleash it on an audience. The Dazzle Digital Video Creator can make editing and adding titles and effects simple and fun. Dazzle Multimedia CEO Sajid Sohail...

"The focus has been for consumers to be able to capture, create, edit and then publish video onto the Internet as well as ...if they like... go back to tape and put the video back out onto the tape."
One version of Dazzle plugs into the printer port...but better yet and easier to configure is the one that uses the USB port....

"You plug the product into the back of your machine without opening it. Very simple, single connector. And then the product itself has video and audio connectors just like you have on your camcorders or VCR."
Dazzle sells for about 250 dollars. It lets you take high quality snapshots from your camcorder or any video source as well. You can find more information at

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