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Ed Bradley Dead at 65

Longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent and broadcasting legend Ed Bradley died this morning from leukemia. There will be plenty of remembrances in upcoming days, but for now we wanted to direct you to Bradley's bio, as well as the early story that has put up on the site.

Bradley worked with Public Eye on more than one occasion. Here he discussed with us whether or not Michael Jordan would have sat for an interview had he not had a book to sell. ("No.") Here he gave us the story behind the story of meeting two environmentalists dressed as ninjas in a Harlem townhouse. (Bradley, laughing: "I'm thinking of these two white guys walking somewhere in Harlem, dressed like that, and am just saying, whoa.") And here he is giving answers in our "10 Plus 1" feature, where he shared a story about his climb to success. "When I first started in New York at WCBS radio, the assignment editor automatically assigned any story that had a minority in it to me," Bradley said. "I objected to being typecast and told him if I didn't get a variety of stories—as other reporters did—then I would take it up with the news director."

In his 26 years with "60 Minutes," Bradley spoke with everyone from Bob Dylan to Timothy McVeigh to Neil Armstrong. He is widely regarded as one of the best interviewers in television history, and was a larger than life presence in the corridors of CBS News. He will be sorely missed.

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