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Woman from plane that landed in Texas being checked for Ebola

A woman on a plane that landed at Midland International Airport in Texas late Tuesday night was brought to a hospital with symptoms that made paramedics think she should be checked for the Ebola virus, reports CBS Odessa, Texas affiliate KOSA-TV.

American Airlines Flight 2791 from Dallas apparently had 69 people on board, the carrier says.

City Spokesperson Sara Bustilloz said that the sick passenger likely does not have Ebola virus.

The captain called roughly 20 minutes before the plane landed at 11:05 p.m. to alert authorities that a passenger was displaying flu-like symptoms. At some point in the flight, Ebola was mentioned. Because of that, Midland Fire Department personnel who are stationed at the airport were ready when the flight landed and boarded the plane to assess the situation.

But Midland, Texas Public Information Officer Sarah Bustilloz tells KOSA that, while Ebola isn't being ruled out, it's now considered "highly unlikely." She confirms that the woman was vomiting -- one symptom of Ebola -- but says the woman didn't have a fever -- another symptom.

City officials tell the station she didn't come from an area with Ebola cases. They say she traveled from Istanbul, Turkey through London to Dallas, then on to Midland.

"At this point, we are considering it not to be Ebola but we never want to rule anything completely out. It's highly unlikely that it is Ebola," Bustilloz says.

They say the woman and fellow passengers will be monitored.

All passengers have been allowed to leave.

Earlier, KOSA said two ambulances were seen departing the airport, and KOSA personnel at Midland Memorial Hospital saw a hazmat team arrive.

Bustilloz says the fire department transported the woman using hazmat and disease control procedures.

The plane was on the tarmac with emergency crews on hand and emergency lights flashing.

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