Eatin' A Little Crow

US President George W. Bush making statement after tour of Hurricane Katrina damage to New Orleans, Louisiana, photo 2005/9/12
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
President Bush has been struggling the last two weeks. Joe Allbaugh, his campaign director, put his old college roommate Mike Brown in charge of FEMA. Now normally that's resume enough to do plenty of government jobs. But FEMA's response to Katrina was kind of like the levees around New Orleans -- squishy, soggy and in the end, just not adequate.

Brown quit yesterday after being shoved upstairs a couple of days ago. When asked about it in New Orleans, the president snapped back, "There'll be plenty of time for the blame game."

That's not quite what America was looking for.

I'm thinking the president needed to say at minimum, "Ya know, we may have gotten off to a rough start, but were gonna finish strong. We're gonna save this town. We're gonna save these people. And you know what? In my administration there is accountability. And if there any more jokers like this, we're gonna find 'em. We're gonna have a little chat. And they'll be lookin' for work."

Try it Mr. President. It'll make you feel better. And, you'd be surprised how much nutritional value there is in eatin' a little crow.

By Harry Smith