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Instead of finding stories as most reporters do, CBS News Correspondent Steve Hartman uses a highly sophisticated piece of newsgathering equipment: a dart. He asks a person to throw a dart at a map to help him choose where he'll go next in search of a story. Once there, he picks a subject at random from the phone book. The premise is that "everybody has a story." Here's a replay of a segment that first aired in December 2002.

Kassie Cattoor lives with her mom Sandy, her dad Troy, her brother Kash and her dog Puppy. Although Everybody Has A Story's rules allow CBS News Correspondent Steve Hartman to focus on any family member he chooses, he opted for 4-year-old Kassie.

"She's very tender hearted," says Sandy of her daughter. "And that's something that's really important to her, is family."

In fact, Kassie's family has never really been out of her sight. Since she was born, Sandy and Troy have taken her to work with them.

Cattoor Livestock Roundup works with the federal government to manage America's wild horse population. The family patrols nine western states, and most of the year camps out wherever the horses are running.

"She's had the whole world at her fingertips out there and she just ate it up," says Sandy.

It really is hard to imagine a more idyllic setting to raise a child. But this fall, Kassie's parents decided there was one place even better.

Kassie went to pre-school.

"When you can associate with other kids, you're going to learn, not just the school and books, you're going to learn how to function in life," says Troy.

And there's the rub. For daughter and father, it has been a harsh transition. Giving your kids what they need is always a lot tougher than giving them what they want.

And only when they're old enough to run free, do they fully appreciate the fences.