Earthquake rattles parts of U.K.

LONDON -- The British Geological Survey says a magnitude 4.4 quake has shaken southern Wales. There were no reports of major damage or injuries. The earthquake happened Saturday about 2:30 p.m. local time. Its epicenter was about 20 kilometers, about 12.43 miles, northeast of Swansea.

The British Geological Survey said on Twitter that an earthquake of that magnitude occurs in Britain about every two or three years.

"All the neighbors were out asking 'what's happening?'" Steven Clathworthy, who lives near Bridgend, told BBC News.

Louise Craig, from Connah's Quay in north Wales, said it was the "most excitement" she's had on a Saturday afternoon in awhile.

"I get a lot of fat wood pigeons jumping up and down on my chimney, and I first of all thought the noise was them, but they must have put on a heck a lot of weight to make the house shake," she told BBC News.

Meanwhile, South Wales Police urged the public to avoid calling the emergency services unless they needed to report injuries or damage.