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More than 1,000 aftershocks recorded after powerful California earthquake

Aftershocks felt after California earthquake
Aftershocks felt in California after 6.4 magnitude earthquake 02:25

Ridgecrest, California  A 6.4 magnitude earthquake is still fresh on everyone's mind in Ridgecrest and the aftershocks won't let them forget it. After the quake, rattled nerves kept Donnie Morrison's family up through the night.

"We had our shoes by the bed. We had our clothes ready to go if we had to bail out real quick," Morrison said.

More than 1,000 aftershocks have rocked the community. CBS News witnessed the biggest aftershock while preparing for an early morning live shot. Another struck during an interview with seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones.

With some homes and buildings still bearing the scars of Thursday's quake, volunteers are cleaning up what they can around town. One of the biggest clean up jobs is in the local library. Aisle after aisle of books on the ground now have to be re-organized.

"We are just so thankful it was closed. Can you imagine those books falling on some poor kid?," said employee Karen Luhn.
More than 100 miles away, people in Los Angeles experienced a rolling motion, but very little damage. Still, this latest quake has many wondering if the "big one" will be next. 
"This earthquake has not changed the potential for a big earthquake striking an urban area. The probability of a really big earthquake in L.A. is 100 percent," Dr. Jones said.

Michio Kaku on California earthquakes: "We're playing Russian roulette with Mother Nature" 02:50
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