Earth Day

With Earth Day's invention 30 years ago, the environmental movement gained a birthday or a coming of age. At times informal and grassroots, celebrations of this event have spread worldwide. While some critique specific environmental initiatives, many participate in the annual event as a chance to place the Earth's health and future at center stage.

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href="187210.story">Earth Day Celebrated By World

Politicians, celebrities, activists and ordinary people marked the 30th anniversary of Earth Day on Saturday.

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href="179234.story">Bush Turns Green

Seeking to fight Al Gore on his own turf, George W. Bush rolled out his plans for the environment at the site of a reclaimed steel plant near Pittsburgh.'s Sarah Morton reports.

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The popularity of the green movement has waxed and waned since it burst onto the political scene in the early 1970s. But in the year 2000, proponents of environmental protection can look back on a series of improvements - at least in the United States.
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href="186950.story">Earth-Friendly Gardening

Earth Day was first observed way back in 1970, but the mantra "reduce, reuse and recycle" is still a good one for gardeners, Georgia Raimondi reminds The Saturday Early Show.

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There's a war over wild wolves in the American West. The feud has already claimed casualties. 60 Minutes II reports on a battle that will not likely end soon.

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href="178697.story">A Global Problem: China's Pollution
If China's air pollution seems like a problem just for that country, think again. The stuff spewing out there has been detected in the United States.

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For the second straight year, an environmental group calls the Snake the nation's most endangered river. Its members demonstrated in Washington to make their point.

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Scientists sample and study Alaska's glaciers for evidence of global warming trends. Climate experts now see glaciers melting faster, and suddenly there's a race against time.

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href="149184.story">An Island of Endangered Life

To help spread the word about the plight of Madagascar, the San Diego Zoo's Joan Embery brought some animals to The Early Show,> including a panther chameleon, left, a lemur and a boa constrictor.