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"Early Show" Cook-Off: Breakfast Grits

NEW YORK -- Last time it was comfort food. Now, the "Early Show" Cook-Off returns with the anchors battling it out over their favorite breakfast foods.

Each day this week, an all-star celebrity chef will help the anchors make their favorite breakfast food and then judge their results.

The food will be judged based on taste, and points will be awarded. At the end of the week, the "winning" anchor will have a donation made in their name to their favorite food-based charity and will receive the coveted yellow apron!

"Early Show" Recipes Galore!

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Tim Love, chef and owner of Fort Worth's Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, helped kick off the latest cook-off with Erica Hill's favorite breakfast: grits.

Grits -- a Southern breakfast staple -- is made from dried, ground corn.
Each anchor prepared their own version.

How did they fare?! Click on the video below to find out -- and to get some great tips on cooking grits from Tim:


The ingredients the anchors used:

Erica's Grits:
-Cojita cheese
-poached egg
-grilled tomato
-red peppers
-fried leeks & scallion

Marysol's Grits:
-cheddar cheese
-hot sauce
-chicken broth
-shaved parmesan

Chris' Grits:
-Monterey jack cheese
-filet mignon
-red & green peppers
-A.1. steak sauce

Jeff's Grits:
-cheddar cheese
-grape tomatoes

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