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E-Mailbag: Where Has "Fallen Heroes" Gone?

Over the past few weeks, we've received several e-mails along the lines of this one, from Suzanne O., who asks in part:
I've noticed that you're not doing your segment "Fallen Heroes" as often as in the past. It is important for Americans to realize every day the sacrifices our country and its military have made due to the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Please consider reinstating this segment on a daily basis. Those who have died deserve our recognition and respect.
Suzanne joins others in wondering where the segment went so I asked "Evening News" executive producer Rome Hartman about its status, and he e-mailed this response:
We decided not to do 'Fallen Heroes' as a daily feature, but rather to do more occasional, longer form stories about wounded or fallen veterans like the David Martin two-parter tonight and tomorrow.
Check out the Martin stories and let us know what you think.
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