E-Mailbag: "Fallen Heroes" On The "Evening News"

We received this e-mail from Ed E., regarding the absence of the "Fallen Heroes" segment on the "Evening News," which honors individual servicemembers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan:
"What ever happened to the 'Fallen Heroes' segment of the 'Evening News'? Unfortunately, I am sure we have not run out of them."

Bob Schieffer mentioned during the "Evening News" on Sept. 12 that the "Fallen Heroes" segment would be replaced by another segment that includes photos and descriptions of children missing as a result of Hurricane Katrina, along with a phone number for viewers who have seen the children to call.

"Evening News" Executive Producer Jim Murphy confirms, "We have temporarily suspended the Fallen Hero reports to do the updates on children still missing following Hurricane Katrina. We will resume the Fallen Hero segments shortly."

So there you have it.