E-Mail: An Alzheimer's Victim...Twice

A viewer wrote in this afternoon about Alzheimer's, with an especially poignant perspective:

My mother was diagnosed with this disease in her mid fifties, about the same age I was when stricken with early onset Alzheimers..I still remember how she gradually was reduced to a child, and then to just a body with no thought nor realization of the world around her. Frankly, I can accept the disease today. I can cope with its tricks and the slow price it extracts. What is so very difficult is knowing first hand what fate eventually will control me. I can put myself in that nursing home and in that unconscious state, curled into a fetal position. To me that is the most difficult aspect - knowing what will eventually happen, with no way of really stopping the progression.

Hopefully, we will continue to learn more of the disease and address the social consequences - especially of the early onset variety. I have learned that a good sense of humor can be the best medicine. I can laugh at myself most of the time, and if I don't take myself too serious, my day generally goes better. I am also very grateful for my family and friends, who are very suppotive. It would be a terrible disease to wrestle alone.

Thank You.

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