Dylan Baker escapes, tries to rescue neighbor from fire

Actor Dylan Baker tried to rescue a woman in a fire in the Manhattan Plaza high-rise complex in Hell’s Kitchen on Tuesday, Sept. 1.


Actor Dylan Baker of "The Good Wife" sprang into action when a fire erupted in his midtown Manhattan apartment building on Tuesday, reports CBS New York.

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Baker, who lives on the 33rd floor of a high-rise building on 43rd Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, first got his family out of harm's way when he remembered his neighbor who uses a walker.

Baker said he pounded on the woman's door before he tried opening it.

"I opened the door. I was surprised to find it open and there was flames everywhere; smoke coming out at me, so I had to slam the door. I had to slam the door," Baker said. "I yelled again. I didn't hear anything."

Firefighters found the woman insider her apartment -- as of late Tuesday, the woman was in serious condition.

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