Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union "Engaged in Sexual Foreplay" in Front of Kids, Claims Wife

Gabrielle Union (AP, file)

MIAMI (CBS/AP) Dwyane Wade's estranged wife, Siohvaughn Wade, has filed a lawsuit against Wade's mistress Gabrielle Union, adding to an already contentious divorce battle.

She claims the star Miami Heat guard's relationship with the actress caused her and his two sons emotional distress.

The lawsuit alleges that Union "engaged in sexual foreplay" in front of the boys, which "severely inflicted the Plaintiffs emotionally and mentally."

The lawsuit claims that the "Defendant has played sexually explicit roles, including roles as a seductress" in movies, but that the "Defendant has apparently decided to take her role beyond the films and into the home of a married man, Dwyane Wade, in the presence of his two minor children."

It also claims that the boys received "medium size gifts" from Dwyane Wade for Christmas last year, while Union got "the biggest gift of all."

Dwyane Wade called the lawsuit "baseless and meritless," and Union issued a statement insisting the allegations are false.

"Each and every allegation made is entirely false," said C. Anthony Mulrain, an attorney for Union.

Siohvaughn Wade filed the suit in Chicago this week, the latest chapter in the lengthy, often-nasty divorce saga between the former high school sweethearts who separated in 2007. She and Dwyane Wade had two sons, ages 8 and 2, who are listed as plaintiffs.

Damages in excess of $50,000 are being sought by Siohvaughn Wade.