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New California governor's son, 2, steals the show at his inauguration

Gavin Newsom was sworn in Monday as California's 40th governor, but his inaugural speech may be remembered more for the actions of one of his four young children than for anything he said.

Newsom's  two-year-old son, Dutch, wandered on stage -- twice -- at least temporarily stealing the show.

The first time, Newsom picked Dutch up and continued his speech with Dutch leaning against him, binky firmly-in-mouth.

When Gavin put Dutch down, he began walking around the stage. His mom, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, tried to coax Dutch off stage, to no avail. Then his 7-year-old brother Hunter tried, also unsuccessfully. Finally, Jennifer picked Dutch up and brought him back to his seat.

But suddenly, there was Dutch, back on stage.

The crowd was laughing the whole time.

Gavin Newsom's aunt, Franza Giffen Newsom, told CBS Los Angeles she thought Dutch "was adorable. He's a very rambunctious little boy, very cute. And I thought Gavin handled it very beautifully."

In his speech, Newsom ripped into the Trump administration and reeled off a laundry list of serious problems his state has he said he intends to address.

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