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Duke Win Has Students Dancing

Duke students danced around a bonfire and shot off fireworks as the school celebrated its third national basketball championship.

Students stayed in Cameron Indoor Stadium for a few minutes after the Blue Devils' 82-72 victory over Arizona in Minneapolis on Monday night, jumping up and down and hugging as "2001 National Champions" flashed on the scoreboard.

The students then ran out of the arena in a group with their arms raised, pumping their fists and chanting "We're No. 1!"

"Awesome!" said Chelsea Castellano, who walked arm-in-arm to the bonfire with friends. "I love basketball!"

As students made their way to the bonfire, an impromptu party broke out in front of Psi Phi fraternity house.

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  • Bottle rockets and other fireworks flew through the air - some at dangerously low levels - while beer-drinking young men shouted and flexed their muscles.

    Two people suffered minor injuries by 1 a.m., police said. One student was hit over the eye by a beer can, while another student fell down some stairs in a dormitory. No one had been arrested.

    At the bonfire, flames climbed up to 20 feet and students danced around it, adding fuel to the fire with whatever they could find. The aroma of beer and cigars wafted throughout the quad and one streaker made his way through the crowd.

    "Madness right now," one student said. "It's madness."

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