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Duke University suspends Alpha Delta Phi fraternity amid rape investigation

The alleged victim claims she was drugged at an Alpha Delta Phi party and has no memory of the alleged assault
Duke suspends fraternity as university investigates rape allegations 02:26

The Duke University chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity has been suspended as police investigate rape allegations stemming from a frat party earlier this month.

The alleged sexual assault took place in an off-campus house and now officials are working to determine what may have happened, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

The incident occurred on the night of January 8.

In an affidavit obtained by "CBS This Morning," the woman told police she was served "hot chocolate." After drinking it, the next thing she remembered was waking up the next day in a "t-shirt she didn't recognize," wearing "no underwear and no bra," with her leggings were "torn and on the ground."

"We're hopeful more folks come forward and we'll get more information so we can get to the bottom of it," Durham police chief Jose Lopez said.

The search warrant also details two text messages, sent to the victim from an unknown phone number, one of which said, "Ha, ha, you went back with a kid I know .... you're screwed."

Investigators say they later recovered several items from the scene, including a mattress, condom, cups and liquid samples, along with a video and photographs.

In a statement, the school said, "Pursuant to Duke's policy, the fraternity has been placed on interim suspension until further notice."

"As a female, I will not be attending anything at that fraternity," student Carly Brandt said.

In 2006, Duke was the center of a highly publicized sexual assault case that involved its lacrosse team.

This new allegation comes amid a string of similar incidents on college campuses.

On Monday, two fraternities at Brown University were sanctioned for an incident that occurred in October. The same day, a student at North Carolina State University alleged she was sexually assaulted over the weekend.

Charges of this nature can have a damaging effect on a school's reputation.

"If you remove my lawyer hat and you put my father hat on, I'm not sending my daughter to a school with a reputation as being a 'rape university,"' criminal defense attorney Randy Zelin said.

Since the alleged victim in this case claims she was drugged, police have appealed to Duke's student body to determine what happened. Until then, the interim suspension means no recruiting, no events and no parties for Alpha Delta Phi.

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