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Dueling Web Ads

The McCain campaign's advertising blitz against Barack Obama continues with a new web spot called "Barack Obama Forgot Latin America."

Featuring a thumping musical beat and Spanish captions, the ad criticizes the Democrat for not mentioning the region during his major speech in Berlin.

The ad shows Obama in Berlin listing different cities, regions and countries in the world and asks in Spanish, "Latinos? … Maybe He Forgot About Us?"

A Pew Hispanic Center poll released last week shows Obama holding a huge lead over McCain (66 percent to 23 percent) among registered Hispanic voters.

And not to be outdone on the Web ad front, the DNC is out with their own new anti-McCain Web ad -- playing off of continuing talk about the McCain ad which tied Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. The ad plays parts of a question and answer at a McCain town hall yesterday where McCain said he was "proud" of the ad. McCain's quote "we're proud of that commercial" then plays several times with pictures of Spears and Hilton form the ad to the right of McCain. The DNC is certainly trying get the upper hand in the "who went negative first" argument with McCain here.

Watch the web ads below: