Dueling Ads Take On McCain's Health Care Plan

John McCain is discussing his health care plan this week, saying he wants to put "individuals and families back in charge, and [force] companies to respond with better service at lower cost." His new ad spotlights his proposal for a $5,000 refundable tax credit for every family, "so that they can go out across state lines and get the insurance policy that suits them best." (For the full script, see Starting Gate.)

Here's McCain's ad, in which the candidate himself makes his case:

There's another ad out today about McCain's health care plan, though it offers a very different message. Just consider the way the Service Employees International Union bills the spot in a press release: "SEIU BEGINS NATIONAL TV ASSAULT ON MCCAIN'S TERRIBLE HEALTHCARE 'PLAN.'"

The spot, which is running in Ohio and the District of Columbia, features what appear to be medical professionals discussing their jobs. "Our next president has to get health care costs under control," says one. Cue an announcer: "Like President Bush, John McCain won't stop rising health care costs. McCain opposed common sense ideas like letting seniors buy prescriptions through Medicare. And he joined Bush to oppose health care for children."

Watch it: