Due to Sandy, Obama returns to D.C.; Romney campaigns in Ohio


(CBS News) President Obama was expected to hold a campaign rally in Orlando, Fla. Monday morning with former President Bill Clinton, but "deteriorating" conditions in Washington, D.C. have caused the president to skip the event and return to the White House.

"This shows you just how fluid things are for this White House. The president deliberately flew down to Orlando early to escape the storm last night," CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes said on "CBS This Morning."

Cordes reports that officials held an early morning meeting with weather advisers, and White House aides decided it was best if the president skipped the event and monitored the storm from Washington.

"Obviously my first priority has to be to make sure everything is in place to help the families and prepare which means that's going to be putting more burden on folks in the field because i'm not going to be able to campaign quite as much over the next couple of days," Mr. Obama told Obama volunteers in Florida Sunday.

Hurricane Sandy causes schedule shuffling for Romney 

"The president arrived in Florida to mixed news about the state of the race. Recent polls show Obama slightly behind Romney in the Sunshine State, but Obama supporters turned out in force in first two days of early voting," Cordes said. "This is going to be a very delicate matter for the White House all week. It's their final week of their campaign; they want the president out there making the case for re-election but they don't want to send a signal that he's putting the campaign over the urgent matter at hand."

The Romney campaign, meanwhile, is spending more time in Ohio after canceling campaign events in Virginia and New Hampshire.

CBS News' Jan Crawford is traveling with the Romney campaign in Ohio where Romney is holding a series of rallies there.

"I know they are chanting four more years, but we're chanting all over this country nine more days," Romney told the crowd Sunday.

Crawford says recent polls averaged together "shows Romney trailing the president by two points." She added that Republican Governor John Kasich said Sunday that Romney has the momentum.

"I believe right now we're currently ahead. Honestly Think that Romney is going to carry ohio and you know I haven't been saying this. I believe it's going to happen," Kasich said.