"Dude Perfect" still sinking amazing trick shots

(CBS News) - This weekend, Tyler Tony and his basketball group "Dude Perfect" will attempt to make a basketball shot thrown from a blimp. The trick shot crew has been making jaw dropping shots for years.

I'd say we were above average basketball players," Tony told CBS News.

Web makes college kids (shooting) stars

Steve Hartman first caught up with the Texas A&M crew back in 2009, right when they just began to taste Internet fame. After sitting around and wondering about all the amazing basketball shots they had made, Tony and his friends decided to spend a couple hours in their neighbor's backyard filming all the trick shots they could think of.

One thing led to another, and before they knew it, they were touring the country and gaining more fans -- both through their YouTube videos and in real life. Hartman was skeptical that they could turn this viral stunt into a career, but sure enough a book, a video game and several sponsorships later, they are still sinking those shots.

To find out more about Dude Perfect's game, Watch Steve Hartman's full story below:

On the Road: Shooting for a career
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