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"Dude Perfect" on Sinking Shot from Plane

Back in September, "The Early Show" met "Dude Perfect," a group of Texas A&M students who became a YouTube sensation with their incredible basketball shots.

Millions have watched the jaw-dropping tries from various locations, such as a water tower and a barn roof. But now, their game has really gotten off the ground with a little corporate sponsorship from General Motors Corporation and the National Basketball Association finals.

"Dude Perfect"'s Amazing "Air-Ball" Shot
YouTube's Dude Perfect

Tyler Toney, who sank the shot from a crop-duster plane on the second try, appeared on "The Early Show" Monday from Fort Worth, Texas.

He said the day they made the shot, it was overcast and raining lightly.

"When you stuck your arm out the window to throw the ball, it kind of felt like needles going in your arm, and I'm not a big fan of needles, so I wasn't really enjoying that part of it. But we went around and for the first shot, when you're up in the air the GMC truck and the goal look a lot closer together than they actually are, and so all I could see in that first shot was the ball going straight through the windshield on the truck … so I had to be careful of that."

Garrett Hilbert, who was part of the crew on the ground, said making the shot on the second attempt was "unbelievable."

"We never expected it, but it was also just a relief because his first shot wasn't even close."

Toney interjected, "It wasn't that bad. You can't hate on me that much."

Hilbert added, "It was surreal just to watch it go in because there was always that doubt. But he did it."

Hibert said he wasn't jealous that he didn't get to sink the shot himself because "it was a small plane."

For more with the "Dude Perfect" guys, click on the video below.

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