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Dude! Actor Seann William Scott

Actor Seann William Scott is best known for his comedic roles in the films "American Pie," "Road Trip" and "Dude, Where's My Car?".

Now, he tells The Early Show he's looking to add the title of action hero with the new film "Bulletproof Monk," which co-stars Chow Yun-Fat.

In "Bulletproof Monk," William plays a top candidate to be a protector of a scroll capable of unleashing Armageddon. Chow Yun-Fat is a monk who currently protects the scroll, and he teaches his fast-talking pupil Kar a few lessons in humility. Adapted from a cult comic, Scott says, "Bulletproof Monk" is an adventure movie about the hero in all of us.

It combines the buddy-comedy formula of Hollywood, with the fast-pace action of a Hong Kong movie mixed with some eastern philosophy.

Scott says it was an honor to work with Chow Yun-Fat because he's a great actor and person. His only worry was kicking Chow Yun-Fat in the head. But thanks to months of training, Scott was able to perform many of his stunts, avoid hitting his co-star and get buff.

For those accustomed to seeing Scott in comedic roles, watch for his Steve Stifler return in August. Scott return to the latest "American Pie" film, "American Wedding." He says it will be the funniest in the series. He will also make an appearance in another action movie with "The Rock," which is scheduled for a fall release.

Some Facts About Seann William Scott

  • Scott was born in Cottage Grove, Minn. on July 12, 1977
  • In 1996, Scott moved to Los Angeles following his senior year in high school and was discovered in a talent competition in Los Angeles; subsequently headed to New York City to audition for the ABC soap "All My Children"
  • In 1997, Scott acted in an episode of The WB's sitcom "Unhappily Ever After"; he made his television-movie debut in the fact-based NBC drama "Born Into Exile"
  • In 1999, the actor co-starred as Stifler, a distasteful troublemaker, in the popular teen-sex comedy "American Pie"
  • In 2000, Scott played an awkward class clown spared from a plane crash but pursued by the specter of death in the teen thriller "Final Destination"; he also starred as one of a group of college guys who hit the highway on a cross-country trek in a bid to retrieve an incriminating videotape in the comedy "Road Trip"
  • In 2001, Scott reprised his role as Stifler in the sequel "American Pie 2"; he co-starred with David Duchovney, Julianne Moore and Orlando Jones in the sci-fi comedy "Evolution" and appeared in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
  • In 2002, Scott signed a first-look producing deal with Universal Pictures for projects he can both star in and produce; He hosted Saturday Night Live

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