Duckling and cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba

(CBS News) Some videos out there on the Internet simply have no real rhyme or reason to them. They simply are. And this is one of those videos. So go ahead and click play on the clip above with a duckling and cat in a shark costume riding around in a kitchen on a Roomba cleaner. (And try not to overthink things, just watch and accept it for what it is.)

Didn't see that dog in a hammerhead shark costume twist coming halfway through, did you? (I bet M. Night Shyamalan was involved in this project!) The very random, but also total adorable overload, clip was posted by YouTube user texasgirly1979 who writes:

Shark and Duckling! Happy Halloween from Roomba Cat Max-Arthur! Kitty VS Duck.
I'm not completely sure what that all means. But in all fairness (and providing some context), the video was posted on November 1, 2012, so there is a Halloween basis for the cute shark costumes. The rest... well, do we really even need an answer? (I think not!) And to check out more animal antic videos from texasgirly1979, you can visit her YouTube page by clicking here.