Duchess Of York's Oscar Hopes

The Duchess of York has Oscar hopes for "Young Victoria" an historical movie starring Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria and Rupert Friend as her dashing Prince Albert.

The duchess, known as Sarah Ferguson, was an associate producer on the big-budget film and helped obtain financial backing for the historical romance directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. She also managed to land a small cameo role for her daughter, Princess Eugenie.

"I don't think acting is for me but it was such a fun day shooting the whole scene," the 19-year-old princess said.

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Her mother, however, hopes that Oscar voters will consider the romance, which opens in the U.S. on Nov. 13.

"To win an Oscar … how cool would that be, " she said in a recent interview. "Of course, it would be a delight and yes, I think I am proud enough of the movie to say that."

"Young Victoria" opened in Britain in March and has done well at the box office.

The duchess also let slip that she hopes to move into the cartoon business with plans to turn her successful children's books into animated features.

"I love the idea," she said, "and we're working on it now but I am not sure if I will be providing the voice over."

The duchess has been having a tough time recently in the UK media, with backlash against her latest reality TV show. There also has been a great deal of speculation over a trip to Spain she is taking with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

She quashes any report of reconciliation, but claims they are "the best of friends" and calls it "a wonderful thing."

She has not ruled out romance in the future. "For sure, I would love to find love," she said. "It would be great for someone to join me on planet Sarah, but as yet no one is stepping forward."