DSCC Finance Director Testifies In Rezko Trial

CHICAGO — The prosecution’s first witness in the federal pay-to-play trial of former Barack Obama fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko is the finance director for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Kelly Glynn, who is not accused of any wrongdoing in the case, served as finance director for Rod Blagojevich’s 2002 Illinois gubernatorial campaign, a job she does not list on an online resume.

Prosecutors on Thursday used her testimony to establish Rezko’s ties to Blagojevich, a Democrat, and his allies, including some involved in tapping people for state boards and commissions.

Glynn testified that she lives in New York and raises cash for DSCC in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and “various other parts of the country.” But her testimony focused on her stint with Blagojevich’s campaign. She detailed how she tracked and cultivated “bundlers” — superdonors who gathered contributions from their networks of associates.

Rezko was among the top three bundlers for Blagojevich’s campaign, she said, and she recalled attending 10 fundraising meetings at Rezko’s Chicago office, as well as a party at his house on the night after Blagojevich’s 2002 election as governor. Glynn sounded less than enthusiastic, however, when asked if she wanted to go to the shindig.

“We were very tired, so not so much,” she said, adding a top Blagojevich aide suggested campaign staff should attend.

Under cross-examination from Rezko’s attorneys, she chronicled two fundraising trips she took with Blagojevich to New York, which did not include Rezko.

Her work for Blagojevich is conspicuously absent from the résumé she posted on the social networking site LinkedIn.

There is a hole in her experience between 2002, when she reported she stopped working as a deputy chief of staff for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and 2005, when she reports taking her current position as finance director for the DSCC.