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Drunk Guy Stole Ambulance, Say Cops

(CBS Graphic)

SAN DIEGO (CBS/AP) San Diego police say an intoxicated man stole an ambulance and fled from police just minutes after being released from a hospital after being treated for the aforementioned intoxication.

Police Sgt. Ray Battrick says 52-year-old Paul John Sos had earlier been found drunk and taken to Sharp Hospital in a private ambulance.

Battrick says Sos checked himself out Saturday morning, found an unattended fire department ambulance with the keys in the ignition and did what came naturally in his condition: he took it.

The ambulance had GPS installed and police quickly found it, but Sos refused to stop, leading a slow pursuit through residential streets before police stopped him with spike strips and arrested him.

Officials say Sos was arrested Saturday on suspicion of auto theft, failure to yield to police and felony drunk driving.