Driver lost, and found, 280 miles from Ind. home

An 82-year-old man drove from Evansville, Ind. to Hillsboro, Ohio, roughly 300 miles, before discovering he was lost; by the way, he doesn't have a license.
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(CBS/AP) HILLSBORO, Ohio - When police in Hillsboro, Ohio came upon an elderly man sitting in a pickup truck, and apparently confused, they talked to him to try to get to the bottom of things.

They figured out the man was 82-years-old, that his name was Earl Lutterman, and that he had gotten terribly lost while driving in his hometown of Evansville, Ind. - nearly 300 miles away.

The Hillsboro Times-Gazette reports auto shop employees called police Wednesday to say a man was sitting in the pickup. Ultimately, Hillsboro police officer Shawn Kelley drove Lutterman home in his cruiser. He completed the 280-mile, 10-hour round-trip early Thursday.

Kelley left the octogenarian with his brother who was very thankful indeed, that police returned him.

Norman Lutterman said learning that his brother drove so far away was a shock - especially since Earl Lutterman no longer has a driver's license, and his license plate was expired.