Drinking In <i>Survivor</i> Lore

Dairy cows graze in a field in the Cheshire countryside on Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2007, in Knutsford, England. The British farming community continues to work through a Foot and Mouth disease crisis. Further test results are due that will determine the source of the outbreak.
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One of the challenges in episode two of Survivor: Africa is actually a part of everyday life among the real tribes of Kenya.

Tracy Smith reports for The Early Show.

For generations, the Masai tribes have survived in one of the most desolate places on Earth. Their nourishment comes from their cattle herds.

Survivor viewers are familar with the food challenges that have teams of contestants eating worms, or bugs, or something else gross like that. This time, water is at a premium so it's not what the contestants are eating; but what they are drinking that is the challenge. The competition in this episode involves drinking cow's blood.

How tough was that challenge? Smith wanted to find out. Here's a transcript of what followed:

Mark Burnett: Tracy's asked to drink some blood also.

Jeff Probst: Excellent. We'll have a little competition. (Smith's opponent: Ben Pappas from US Weekly Magazine.)

Probst: Alright, here's what we're gonna do. I'm going to pour two shots. It's going to be a timed race because actually, shots don't go down that fast when they're blood. We've got a little bet at stake: print versus television.

Smith: Now hold on. Is one of us going to get kicked off if we don't drink it fast enough?

Probst: You're both going to get kicked off very soon, no matter how you look at it. This is for bragging rights: Ben's either gonna write about it or Tracy's gonna talk about it, rest assured.

Smith: Sure you don't want to join us, Jeff?

Probst I've already had this, and it's actually pretty tough to get down, to be honest with you and what's great about this is it's now lukewarm.

Smith: Mmmmm.

Probst: Let me give you a little more. So I'm gonna say: 3, 2, 1, drink! Do you want to have your hands on the glasses? And you know, Tracy, you look really nice. Don't spill this all over, because if half of it goes down your front, you're out, and everyone at CBS is going to say 'What a loser'. OK: 3, 2, 1, drink!

Probst: That's a dead heat!

Smith: No, it was not! Don't you do that to me!

Probst: That was a dead heat!

Smith: No! It was crunchy!

Probst: Yeah, you know there's still some fiber left in it. Fiber's good for you. Helps your digestion.

Smith: Jeff, that is not right.

Probst: What's wrong? Was it so bad? Now I want both of you to have your hands on the glass this time. It was a dead heat. I wouldn't lie to you. Three, two, one drink! Despite how it might look, it was very safe for both Smith and the cow.

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