Drew Rosenhaus: The NFL would fall apart without me

"60 Minutes" cameras capture cocksure agent Drew Rosenhaus as he fights for his clients

Call him a cockroach, a thief, a sleaze ball - he's heard it all before and none of them are true, says pro football agent Drew Rosenhaus. He does not steal players. Just don't call him inconsequential, because this wheeler-dealer who represents more NFL players than any other agent says the league would surely "fall apart" without him. Scott Pelley profiles Rosenhaus on "60 Minutes" Sunday, Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

"I really believe that the NFL would fall apart without me," says Rosenhaus. "That may sound cocky, that may sound arrogant, but I am telling you the truth."

Rosenhaus says he keeps the NFL "running smoothly."

"When it breaks down between the team and the player, the agent is there to pick up those pieces," he tells Pelley. He keeps the peace. "If a guy says 'I want to be traded; I hate this team. I hate this coach.' I say to the player, 'Tell me, don't tell the coach. I don't want you to ruin your relationship with the team. Come to me,'" says Rosenhaus.

And they do. Who takes "a couple hundred" calls a day, at all hours? Rosenhaus. Who gives his players advice about all things, on-or-off the field? Rosenhaus. Who loves his players? Rosenhaus.

He'll even come visit them if they're ever in jail. "There's nothing, nothing tougher than that," he tells Pelley. Just ask Plaxico Burress, the receiver who went to prison for accidently shooting himself in a crowded nightclub with an illegal pistol. "I didn't expect anything less [from Rosenhaus]. Because...I know him as a person and you know where his heart is," Burress tells Pelley.

Not far from Rosenhaus' heart is his wallet, which nets three percent of the hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts he negotiates for clients. "60 Minutes" cameras watch and listen as he earns those millions by jousting with several NFL team executives on a typical day: "What you're offering is just a joke...The concussion is a thing of the past - on top of that he has a new helmet!...Come on, you're killing me here...You're taking a huge risk by letting me get off the phone, because when I get off the phone I am calling another team..."