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Drew Carey's New Gigs

Drew Carey, American's newest game show host, stopped by today to chat about his new show,"Power of 10," which debuts on tonight on CBS. The concept is great and the top prize is -- get this -- $10 million!

As you know, Drew has also been named the new host of "The Price Is Right," taking over for the iconic Bob Barker. He told me he's going to keep Barker's famous sign off, and that Bob told him to just be himself. Drew said not much is really going to change, because tradition is everything on that show.

Drew was all set to retire and really didn't want to get back into TV, but now says he loved the idea of making people happy. He gets to give away money, and its not his own! He's a real people person, and as you know, is very funny, so I think he will have a great time and be a lot of fun to watch. Check out our chat this morning and the "Power of 10" tonight and tomorrow!

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