Drew Brees on Super Bowl

Being in the Super Bowl means a lot to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. In an interview for @katiecouric, he said, "having this opportunity to win a Super Bowl for the city of New Orleans and for the New Orleans Saints, it's special."

"I'm excited. I can't wait," Brees said. "We had a goal that we would be here at some point."

Couric asked, "A teacher told us that you've been teaching kids in New Orleans that anything's possible. And I just wondered, being responsible for the hopes and dreams of all these children, or feeling that they're looking to you to-- for encouragement and inspiration, do you sometimes feel like that's too much pressure?"

@katiecouric: Drew Brees

"It actually is a source of strength for me," Brees replied. "It really is-- a responsibility, just knowing that as quarterback of this football team, and as a member of this community that I have the platform that I do to influence so many people in such a positive way. And I mean, in the end, I'm just-- I'm just being myself. You know, I really am."

Couric asked, "one player said you always say the right thing. How do you know what to say?"

"When you let people know how much you care, how much you care about them, as well as how much you care about-- you know, in our case the game and winning the game, and being my best, and I'm gonna lay it on the line for them, they play for you," he said.

Watch the full interview, here.