Drew Brees Demands a Rematch

Watch how quickly a friendly, little game turned serious when "60 Minutes" gave NFL quarterback Drew Brees the goalpost challenge

60 Minutes Overtime: Drew Demands a Rematch 03:15

The NFL doesn't have a more admired poster boy than New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees. So, "60 Minutes"' Steve Kroft went looking for dirt -- to see whether Drew lived up to the hype.

It was only when Kroft sat down with Drew's teammates Jonathan Vilma and Jeremy Shockey that we first got wind of "Breezy's" reputation as a bit of a "sore loser." Here's an excerpt from that interview:

STEVE KROFT: So give me some dirt. I mean nobody's perfect, right? (LAUGHTER)

SHOCKEY: You're right. Nobody's perfect.

VILMA: That's tough to find right there, some dirt on Drew.

SHOCKEY: It is tough to find. Little morsels here and there.

VILMA: I will say he's not the best loser. I'll give you that much. He's definitely a sore loser. And he takes it real personal. I've seen him throw his helmet down in frustration..

SHOCKEY: His sportsmanship when he loses is...

VILMA: Yeah, it goes out the window.

SHOCKEY: It's very bad.

VILMA: It goes down the drain, yeah.

SHOCKEY: Very bad. I can recall one game I messed up on assignment, and he got me on the sidelines and chewed my rear out. And my mom called and said, "What happened? Drew seemed like he was all over you." I said, "That's just how he is. He's very vocal if someone messes up. And he's very vocal if he messes up. It's just-- he's very hard on himself. And he expects nothing but the best."

Shortly after this interview, Steve Kroft joined Drew on the Saints' practice field and gave him a test that put his fire-in-the-belly on full display.

Watch Steve Kroft's full report.

The "60 Minutes" challenge: to hit the crossbeam of a goalpost two out of five passes from 30 yards away. The contest was inspired by a clip from a Fox show called "Sports Science" that's been making the rounds on the internet. In the Fox clip, Drew hit a target 10 out of 10 times. A perfect performance for the cameras. That's not what happened when "60 Minutes" put him to the test.