'Dress' Kevin. Please!

Kevin McCormick is a self-confessed geek.

He openly admits he needs help in the fashion department.

Very openly.

In fact, reportsMelinda Murphy, the 22-year-old Hoboken, N.J. IT manager has his own Web site through which Internet users send him suggestions on what to wear each day, suggestions he follows.

On www.dresskevin.com, McCormick posts pictures of his clothes and asks for comments and direction on his outfits. He then posts pictures of himself in the apparel.

McCormick winds up being one sharp dresser, Murphy says, since every button he buttons and zipper he zips has been chosen for him.

"I wore a uniform all throughout high school," he explained to Murphy, "and then I went to a school that was basically all males in college, so I never had to buy anything. I never needed to look good, so I never learned about it."

When it came time to start working, McCormick needed help, and he needed to learn to build a Web site, so Dresskevin.com was born.

"I figured," he recalls, "why not catalogue everything I have on the Internet, let people go through it and decide for me what they like, what works."

The site has gotten so hot, it now attracts up to 50,000 hits a day, with comments galore, not all of them flattering.

Some responders even help McCormick shop.