Drama, intrigue mark Grammys run-up


This year's Grammy Awards have been generating lots of headlines - and not just because of the music.

There's been lots of behind-the-scenes drama and intrigue, as Rolling Stone magazine contributing editor Joe Levy observed on "CBS This Morning: Saturday."

First off, Chris Brown is expected to show up. So is his ex, Rihanna. Will the audience welcome Brown?

"That's a very good question," Levy replied to co-host Seth Doane. "His audience has welcomed him back. He has had a big hit record. It's sold nearly a million copies. He's about to release another one. This is his big moment. He's been welcomed back at awards shows like the BET Awards. I think his peers are going to be a little lukewarm about his return to the Grammy stage. I think the audience overall is going to be accepting.

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"And it's very interesting. A judge has just ... ruled that his probation has to remain in effect for the next two years. He's on five-year probation. He has to continue to check in with his probation officer. His attorney and probation officer are giving him high marks, asked that he be released from this. Rihanna has lifted a restraining order against him, and yet it all still lingers. This is what we're talking about when he's returning to the Grammy stage.

"That restraining order was lifted so they could be at the same place at the same time at awards shows like this, and yet the gossip tabloids have been abuzz that the two might be seeing each other again. They showed up at the same party for the Super Bowl. Not the first time they've been in the same place at the same time. They've exchanged Twitter messages. So, it's an interesting moment. She'll be performing with Coldplay tomorrow, and he'll be performing on his own."

Then, there's Adele.

"I do believe this is her night in every sense of the word," Levy opined. "This is her first performance since she went in for vocal surgery. She has six nominations. She's the second most nominated artist of the night. The first is Kanye West. And she's favored in all the major categories. Look for her to be the queen of the night."

It will be Adele's first public performance since she had vocal surgery. Will she be up to it?

"'She would not risk this if she were not ready physically, if she had not healed. At the same time, Adele has always suffered from crippling stage fright. And this is the biggest gig of her career. This is going to be the most nervous she's ever been. So, it will be interesting."

Kanye West provides another interesting dynamic. He is, Levy notes, "the most nominated artist of the night. And for once, Kanye West actually has something to complain about. He was not nominated for his fantastic album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' in the Album of the Year category. That's probably because he also made an album with Jay Z, 'Watch the Throne.' They're both up in the Rap Album category, but not in one of the major categories. He's up in Song of the Year, probably will not win. And so, (despite) his seven nominations, he might not take home one of the big ones."